Welcome to the brand new Schoolwear UK website!

Schoolwear UK is a brand in the Online Clothing Solutions family, sitting alongside dancegear, sportswear and staffwear. A dynamic suite of e commerce trading platforms offer an extensive range of school wear garments and accessories. A vast supply chain and manufacturing facilities enable Schoolwear UK to offer the best value garment solutions for schools, Parents and students alike.

Our aim is to provide the best school uniform solutions which will give best quality and value for students and Parents, always protecting the integrity of the school brand.

In-house production facilities enable the team to react to daily orders, all the time carefully controlling the quality and stock management, and ensuring that distribution of goods is timely for our individual Customers.

With a strong commitment to ethical and social responsibility, Schoolwear UK strives to work with the best supply chain around the world and ensure everyone is engaged in the best possible working practices.


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